about me

Thank you for visiting my page!

My name is Minna Nygård, yoga teacher, mother, wife and a whole lot of other things. I did my Hatha yoga teacher training (RYT 200) in Stockholm at Yogayama in 2016 and have continued my studies there with pregnancy yoga and pranayama. 


Life is constant change, sometimes drastic and sometimes unnoticeable. If we want to develop with the change, we need to stop every once in a while and reflect, take a look at where we are right now and remind ourselves that we have a choice. We can choose how to relate to what has happened and we are free to choose how to continue forward.


We are all body, mind and spirit, but we tend to separate them. Through yoga we aspire to unite them and create balance. The branches of yoga that we usually practice in class; asana, pranayama and meditation are paths or tools through which we strive to find the essence of yoga, which is stopping the constant flow of thoughts and emotions in order to be in the now and becoming one with everything. These can be brief moments of stillness and clarity of the mind, a short break from the everyday stress. 


All of us are on this path for the rest of our lives. Yoga helps me find peace and clarity a little faster and a bit more often. For me this is a lifestyle and I would like to share whatever knowledge I have with you.


Minna Yogini